Sunday, February 12, 2012

So much for being wholesome.

party dress, party girl (?)

good morning

Some of the best nights are the most spontaneous ones.

As I proudly hit "send" on my latest assignment after a tedious Saturday spent writing and laced up my sneakers to reward myself with a late-night run (that's how much I love running), I suddenly found myself succumbing to temptation, and forgoing my quiet, healthy, low-key weekend for a night out. Within five minutes I had taken off my running shorts and put on some lipstick and a dress, and headed out to upscale Aoyama.

I was invited to attend an event at posh nightclub Le Baron de Paris, and as I had never visited it I thought I should, especially after hearing that Sofia Coppola frequents it when in Tokyo. Luckily I benefited from the VIP treatment (as a mere peek at the drink menu pricing gave me a mini heart attack, but thanks to some friends and work-related introductions I was spoiled and well taken care of). After too many vodka tonics, an overload of flashing lights and questionable dance music, we opted out and found ourselves feasting on 3am ramen at the dingiest little shop under an overpass in Shibuya. A little bit closer to my element. The night ended at karaoke, with three of us crammed in the tiniest little booth in all of Japan and blurting out Bon Jovi (most excellent karaoke choice) until sunrise.

I woke up still wearing my hair clips, which usually means it was a very fun night. So much for being wholesome, but hey, I'm in Tokyo.

3am ramen


Mellie said...

ha ha ha sounds like a great evening! I loved that about Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, you have the impromptu VIP club always followed by finding yourself dressed up to the nines in a dingy ramen bar... love it though :)

girl v. london

kellina said...

Sounds perfect, Vivian! It's good to succumb to temptation from time to time, love your spontaneity! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

Lai Thai Photo Blog said...

I agree with "Some of the best nights are the most spontaneous ones".

Michi said...

Your nights out always sound amazing, and perhaps make me feel the tiniest twinge of jealousy! As always, I'm in love with your pictures and make even nights out in Tokyo sound wonderfully romantic.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the pictures of yourself on your blog?

Anonymous said...
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Vivian said...

If you're going to leave a negative comment, at least have the decency to post your name and not anonymous- quite cowardly isn't it?!

To answer your question, I like photo booth! Try it!

Kelly said...

Looks like the best weekend :)

I love all these photos of you! xx