Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Smiths Game

Sometimes we make good use of emoticons, like in The Smiths Game, which uses pictures to guess song titles:

I guessed them all except the last one. Please try:)

Other times I like to express my food choices using imagery in very mundane daily exchanges:

I had a lb for breakfast

FYI, a "lb" is a Low Budget sandwich, those found at the convenience store. They're very cheap and quite tasty, and usually come in a mix, such as half tuna/half egg salad, or strawberries/cream, etc. I think after those years in Japan, we developed our own language.

Japan has the best stuff.

(And yes, we do work sometimes)


artslondonblog said...

I've got it!The Boy With A Thorn In His Side? That was bugging me all the way home.That smiths emoticon game is AMAZING.

Vivian said...

YES!!! You got it!! Then again, of course you would. Text me and we can play! I'm addicted!