Saturday, February 25, 2012

(Not) Being Boring

Lately I have been very low-key, but it doesn't mean boring. It's influenza season in Japan, the weather is dark and rainy, and February needs to end. I have been keeping on very good behaviour (for the most part, at least). I'm selfishly choosing to stay in to watch Korean movies about serial killers, which sounds more appealing than anything else right now.

On Friday I consumed about five of these. I had a mini nervous breakdown, which I blame on all the caffeine.

Random afternoon: what was meant as a tame coffee hangout turned into an Italian feast complete with wine- love those impromptu afternoons.

Move over, Starbucks: Dean & Deluca has replaced you for being the best takeout coffee (and they have quality muffins and scones). The ricotta and raspberry muffin is crumbly and heavenly. This espresso bar can be found at Shibuya Station, East Exit.

My friend Prince Ness performed at this great Akasaka venue called Crawfish, along with another up and coming band on the Tokyo scene, The Mootekkis. I absolutely adore his version of James's song "Laid", you can listen to it here. Please don't leave Japan...

I watched this great Jim Jarmusch film called Mystery Train, after Julie's recommendation (she really knows the best stuff). The first part features a young Japanese couple traveling to Memphis, and I found them especially endearing. I highly suggest watching it!

I'm in love with this boy (at least his young self). I have been staying up late googling images and watching videos, such as this one. I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but I'm not too concerned by this kind of behaviour.

Shibuya nights: I met up with lovely Judith who writes the blog Teaching Engrish: she just arrived in Japan a few months ago, but already she has a fantastic grasp on all things Japan, and resides in my former stomping grounds of Osaka. We talked about writing, Osaka v. Tokyo, her cat, the Cool Girls Bloggers Club (she coined it), and shared some hot wine. I'm so happy I met her and her husband, thanks to you both for a delightful evening.

In other news, I'm on the quest for the best and healthiest breakfasts in Tokyo. Rose Bakery is at the top of my list. I adore my job, I seriously do.


Judith said...

Thank you for meeting with me! You're so sweet!
Maybe we can hang out again when I'm not on painkillers.

kellina said...

Mystery Train! LOVE the soundtrack! Must find time to watch again soon... How are you, darling? xx

The Phoenix said...

I lvoe Rose Bakery!! Its my regular Sunday haunt in Paris. I miss you Vivi!! Still loving the blog, even four years later.

Unknown said...

i too am absolutely in blind adoration for morrissey. also Shibuya is beautiful.

Unknown said...

i too am absolutely in blind adoration for morrissey. also Shibuya is beautiful.

Vivian said...

Thank you for this comment. It made me smile, as I re-read that old entry and brought back so many memories.