Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I like salads.

I eat at my desk. How classy of me.

I think I eat this salad most weeknights, and I vary it according to the season and which vegetables are well, seasonal (read: cheap). Thankfully, Japan has a very wide variety of interesting vegetables and I like to try all of them. Sometimes I think my Japanese diet really lacks protein: I very rarely eat meat anymore, and even though I adore fish, I don't prepare it for myself very much.

This salad is quite high in protein and rather healthy, high in nutrients, and filling. I use the following:

- Spinach leaves
- Komatsuna leaves (a type of spinach, less bitter)
- one small avocado, sliced
- two small cucumbers, sliced
- a small block of tofu, cubed
- a small tomato (well, I guess everything really is small in Japan)
- a handful of raisins for topping
- bit of cooked pumpkin, it's my favourite vegetable in Japan

I just throw everything together, add a tad of sesame dressing or olive oil, and that's my meal. The cost of this salad is actually insanely cheap in Japan, so if you're broke and want to eat healthily, please try it!


Tabby O said...

I love Japanese culture and have been trying to visit forever. I am finally going to Tokyo for two weeks in May and have been reading blogs and researching like a mad woman. Found your blog yesterday... and read every post! I also work in film and television and am scared to move abroad, as the industry is tough to get back into. Sigh; decisions. I should probably get ready for work now...

Principessa said...

Sounds good! I love salads, especially big meal sized ones.

Vivian said...

Tabby O- Thanks for your comment!! I hope you enjoy Tokyo- I know you will!! Thanks for reading my entire blog- wow!! This is very flattering!! Please let me know if you have any questions about Tokyo!

Principessa- Thanks!! Yes, meal salads are the best... or like Elaine would say in Seinfeld, "a big salad"!

Susie said...

That looks really yummy, but I want to come and shop where you do if you can find all those ingredients cheap!! Any kind of fresh anything is so expensive in all the shops I've tried in Sendai. That salad would cost us loads to make. I'm jealous!