Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Make Gyoza

Gyoza Galore

Yesterday I made gyoza, a kind of dumpling which is one of my favourite Japanese foods. My Japanese friends taught me how to make it, and we ate them in two different ways: some were put in a tasty vegetable soup, and others were fried and eaten on their own. Anything food-related gets me quite excited, so here are the steps to recreate the experience:

The filling: ground meat, tofu, green onions 

Place the filling on a piece of dough (found at the supermarket)

Seal the edges with some water and crimp the edges

My gyoza were very skinny
All placed on a tray
Some gyoza were cooked in oil, on the pan
Others were boiled for a few minutes

The boiled gyoza were then placed in the soup

Final result, two types of gyoza
Pre-feast + chopstick skills

It was such a delicious late lunch, homemade gyoza is the best.... even though I'll have to run twice as much this week!!