Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I write.

Allô, maman! xo

The process of writing is something that has always been so natural to me, dating back to when I was a little girl and writing down daily thoughts and observations in my journal, to when I was a teenage girl obsessed with fashion magazines, collecting piles and piles of them to my mother's dismay.

All those magazines and journals finally proved useful. Now that writing has become my life (and happily so, as I couldn't be more thankful for all those great opportunities which were given to me), I realize that it's actual hard work. I usually am most prolific when I feel inspired (which is very late into the night or while running, surprisingly), but deadlines must be respected regardless of my inspiration level and state of mind.

Here's how it usually goes.

I sit down at my desk at home, armed with coffee. I mostly write from home. Going to cafés is too distracting, with loud music and people, I tend to daydream more than I should. I open a blank document. I check my email, then refresh Facebook. I bite my nails. I refresh Facebook again, then update my profile picture or post a music video. Then I suddenly remember that I had to reply to a few emails to friends. Then I write the general structure of my article, which is the hardest part. I check my email again, make a writing playlist, make a snack, photo booth myself, try some outfits I had forgotten about, paint my nails. I check my phone, update my applications, text message a few friends, play scrabble, write a blog post, and pretend I'm working. I twirl my hair, it's getting late, I'm sleepy, I'm nervous, I haven't done any work, I'm scared the editor will fire me, I panic.

Then I write. I write, write, write, twirl more stands of hair, forget about my coffee turned cold, and I write, forgetting about life around me. I love the moment when I press send.

It's a long process, I'd say 90% of it involves wasting time and trying to concentrate on one thing. But in that small fraction of writing, it's pure hard work and nothing, nothing could snap me out of it.

Is that how it works for everyone?

And yes, as you guessed, I have a pressing deadline now, hence this blog post and photo booth shot.


Tini said...

Oh my, I never thought there's someone like me when it comes to writing!! Actually I don't write any articles, but my diploma thesis!
Wow, somehow your blog entry made me feel better...knowing I'm not alone and that there are other people facing the same problems!

Thank you <3

Keep up writing this intereting blog! And good luck for your current article!!

Kate said...

Absolutely. That was exactly my process when I was working, although my music reviews were easier because I'd purposely daydream to come up with ridiculous observations.

... and now I'm procrastinating over a book I'm supposed to be reading.

Vivian said...

Tini- thank you!! I'm glad you can relate too!! Yes, I think it's difficult to sit down and write when there are so many distractions!

Kate- great point! daydreaming actually helps! it's all part of the process...!

MoreThingsJapanese said...

An interesting take and all so true. Those distractions though, are part of the job. Writing is just another form of communication, and a writer has to practice not only their medium but stay up to date as well.

Great blog, I look forward to seeing more.