Monday, February 20, 2012

February: I Heart

Things, that never fail to comfort me in some weird ways.

Shibuya at dusk, ever so familiar

My comfort food is now udon, from my former Shikoku home

Sharing "Slat", a citrusy cocktail my friend Gordon introduced me to

Seafoam green nail polish, springlike (Mini Bourjois).

Chungking Express, the movie that made me fall in love with Asia

This guy's soothing voice

A reader said I post too many pictures of myself. Here's one for you! xo


Beth Roeser said...

Too many pictures of yourself! What's that about? Everyone knows young bloggers in the city need to rep their own visages. I've been stressing without a digital camera with which to take pictures of myself looking dark and hip in the most interestingly-lit corners of my kitchen. Hahaha. Anyway tell your friend with the Beavers button right on, I like to know when there's a little Oregon love on display back in my second home.

Unknown said...

Hi Vivian,

I've been reading your blog for months now so I thought I'd pop by and say hi and how much I love it!

I lived in Himeji from 2002-2003 and love and miss Japan so much that it is nice to live there again vicariously through you.

Also, if you really like the Smiths you should check out Steven Morrissey's solo music under Morrissey, if you haven't already. Bona Drag is a great album with Suedehead and Everyday is like Sunday being two of my favorite songs.

Mata ne :)

Vivian said...

Beth- I knew you'd understand my photo booth obsession! That's all there is to do in Japan sometimes when you're broke and lonely... Thanks for your comment, and I'll tell Gordon you dig his Beavers pin. Gordon is all about beavers and slats!!

Vivian said...

Unknown- thanks for the kindness!! I'm flattered you like reading my blog. I do love solo Morrissey as well, thanks for the suggestion! Glad we share all that:)

Judith said...

Well I like your pictures, so you keep on posting them!
I love the trolls the internet seems to bring out.