Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tokyo Events: Style Band Tokyo 2012

On Sunday evening I had the chance to attend a showcase of local indie bands, Style Band Tokyo 2012. It featured established Tokyo bands such as noise group Guitar Wolf, alongside up and coming artists and DJs on every floor. Guitar Wolf was probably the highlight of the night, but N`夙川BOYS (pronounced n'shukugawa) was the most fascinating for me, with great costumes, sound, and stage presence. I also loved the long-haired boys of Bo Ningen, who gave a crazy, energetic performance. I highly recommend clicking on those links and checking out those amazing Tokyo artists.

As I mention regularly, seeing live concerts is something I deeply miss from back home. Many great bands visit Tokyo and we also have a plethora of local talent, but gigs in Japan are pricey and usually very early. Thankfully it's always possible to catch DJ sets such as Metronomy and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who both had members performing at Trump Room over the last few weeks.

Despite the fact that it was a Sunday night, it was one of the best nights I've had in Tokyo, full of excellent music, performances, hanging out backstage, dancing and not wanting to catch last train.

N'shukugawa Boys (and a girl)

My friends (and Charming Men) Mike and Matthew from Gypsy Badman

DJ and highly skilled photographer Jake, aka Le Champ

A cute DJ wearing a shirt that matches my headband

Found: a hipster, toy camera, beads and vintage sweater (Prince Ness) 

Bo Ningen. I wish my hair was longer.

Bo Ningen, getting a tad crazier

Yeah! Onstage stripping!

I love Tokyo music scene.

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