Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Tokyo

January had a slow start, but it suddenly turned into a frantic yet exciting time, with lots of projects and fun gallivanting around Tokyo. After nearly a month spent detoxing from the holiday indulgences and trying to get back into a healthy routine, I finally braved the chilly nights to dip my toes back into Tokyo's nightlife. Here's a glimpse of the past few days:

My Korean friend Daehyun flew to Tokyo for the weekend, and we had the chance to catch up and explore the nightlife and reminisce about our days in Seoul.

 I couldn't resist a picture of Rilakkuma holding a donut at Hara Donuts in Shimokitazawa. That's how cute Japan is. And no, I would never eat two donuts.

Lately I've been eating lots of take out sushi, along with avocado + cucumber salads. It's probably just a phase, but a good one.

 It was Mike's birthday and he dressed up as Justin Bieber for an art performance in Nakano.

 My friend Gordon sporting his latest acquisition. He speaks the truth... I think.

My friend Mayumi-chan, aka Aerobics Girls, DJing at Trump Room in Shibuya. Great dancing music as usual, I love this girl! And thanks for the birthday present.

Metronomy also had a DJ set later that night at Trump, it was upbeat and crowded and amazing. And I would like to say hello to two people in particular who came up and said hi to me, I'm very flattered you read this blog and I feel very thankful for meeting such cool people through this page.

My friend K. and I ate hummus and pita for the first time in ages, I adore Saturday brunch, especially followed by a ballet recital.

Saturday night was another edition of the excellent dance party Hindu Love at Echo Shibuya. It was packed, sweaty and the music played until sunrise.

 Echo Shibuya is probably my favourite venue in Tokyo, it feels like your own living room.

I browsed record shops and vintage shops in Shimokitazawa, and found out there is loads more within walking distance of my house, north of Shimokitazawa.

I ate udon at a shop bearing the name "Marugame", just like my old stomping grounds in Shikoku. The udon was on par with Kagawa's fare, but it will never be the same in the middle of Shibuya. It was still amazing.

This song.

And, there was snow in Tokyo, I woke up this morning and it looked like Canada, it was quite nice. I like January.

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Anonymous said...

Your friends all look like they came out of an ultra hip Japanese magazine :-) You are living the life, my friend!