Monday, December 26, 2011

Post-Christmas Feast: Crêpes

I find the day following Christmas a little depressing, especially here in Japan where everything changes back to normal so quickly, and everyone is back to work and business as usual. It's also a harsh recovery from a food and drinks binge, but I believe it's best to gradually phase it out for a quicker fix.

Today, when Narjis' French boyfriend Emmanuel offered to make crêpes, I instantly cheered up, having heard he was an excellent chef. We picked up the essentials, he got to work while Narjis and I played some tracks, and the results were incredible. Making crêpes is an art, as the texture and consistency have to be just right.

Here are the ingredients you need to make the batter:

- 3 eggs
- whole milk
- flour
- a few spoonfuls of butter

It's very simple, and I'd suggest equal quantities of flour and milk, but obviously adjust to find the desirable consistency. Trial and error!

We made some savoury crêpes which we topped with a fried egg, ham, and Boursin cheese, and some sweet ones with brown sugar and maple syrup. Other delicious toppings include strawberry and blueberry jams, bananas, and yoghurt.

You can find everything pictured above in a Japanese supermarket, and maybe import shops in certain areas.

Mixing the batter

French Canadian crêpes

We ate heaps of crêpes while watching Lost in Translation on my futon, which was absolute perfection to fall into yet another food coma. We even have plenty of leftovers that we covered, yet are best left at room temperature. I doubt I can fall asleep tonight, as I'm too excited for breakfast in the morning... I guess it's the grown up version of waiting for Santa.

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Julie said...

When you come stay with us, let's cooking!
I made spinach and Camembert gyoza yesterday and died of happiness!