Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Tokyo: December

... or a guide to some aspects of Japanese culture.

December has been all about food, coffee, writing, more writing, and some wild Sundays.

I finally snapped a photo at Bear Pond espresso: I might be banned from the shop forever. Maybe it's more acceptable at the Shibuya branch?

Kissaten night in Shimokitazawa: kissaten is an old-style Japanese coffee shop, where light meals and coffee and sweets are served. They all have a very unique, warm and olden Japan atmosphere, with lots of wood and roasted beans aromas. I love them.

Another Japanese must-do, purikura (print club). The effects are quite trippy, but I'm so used to them now. Purikura is an essential part of a night out (or a random Sunday afternoon with a fellow French girl).

Corduroy skirt + gold polka dots + ankle boots= my winter staples

And velour!! As in the plush fabric. Yes, velour is back, this is a dress worn as a top for daytime, and I take off the skirt at nighttime and wear it on its own. Pure magic.

Hello, bonenkai season: bonenkai, which literally means "forget the year gathering" are end-of-the-year drinking parties held amongst work colleagues or friends. They get WILD. The year is definitely forgotten. And interesting stuff happens on the Tokyo trains post-bonenkai. Consider yourself warned!

I finally stumbled upon Yokohama's famed Chinatown, one of the largest in the world. It's gorgeous while all lit up at night, I highly suggest picking up some dumplings for the train ride back to Tokyo.

So far, so good. A few days until Christmas, I think I can do this.

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Nicole Marie said...

loving your polka dot tights!!