Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, from Japan.

Smugness, personified.

When living abroad, your friends become your family and holidays and traditions are shared. As difficult as it is to spend Christmas away from home, I think we did an amazing job re-creating traditions and fashioning new ones.

This year, I am lucky to have my close friend and former roommate Narjis with me in Tokyo. Not only is she like family, but we had not seen each other in nearly three years, when we both said goodbye to Montreal.

I was also lucky that my friends Kumraz and Paul graciously hosted us in their home, for a delicious traditional dinner complete with a roast, mulled wine, hot buttered rum and sweets from all corners of the world.

My Jamaican friend Gordon shared his recipe of scrumptious candied potatoes (mashed potatoes mixed with pineapple, topped with marshmallows and cinnamon: unbelievably delicious), we French Canadians shared maple syrup whisky and maple cookies, and everyone else brought goodies to feast on for a pretty international little gathering.

The best roommate ever.

Gordon and his candied potatoes: instant hit

Vegetables, pre-roast

Tim's Santa socks

Gracious Paul with the roast (and shall I mention he has such a lovely family, thanks Skype!)

A table full of goodness

It was the most Christmas-y I felt all season, and I'm thankful for my friends in Tokyo. I was so full that I walked the 5 kilometers back to my house in high heels, listening to music and getting a little bit lost along the way and soaking in a quiet, quiet Tokyo night. Pure bliss.

Oh. And I forgot to add that on Christmas Eve, I invited my Japanese friends over from the sushi party to reciprocate and show them a traditional Christmas, complete with lots of champagne... and more champagne. I'm trying to forget the fact that I woke up on Christmas morning thinking I was dying from a hangover. Oh-so-classy! Shhh.

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Nicole Marie said...

such an international christmas! such a cool memory you'll tell you kids when your sharing your christmas traditions with them!