Thursday, December 15, 2011

Japanese Mascara

Boys, avert your eyes, this is make up talk. Or don't.

Japan has the best mascara (and eyeliner!) available in the world, this is no secret. Entire aisles at drugstores are dedicated to eyelashes, from fake lashes to lash conditioner to mascaras of all colours and kinds. Shopping for a new mascara here is quite the adventure, I want to try them all, as they all promise to give me fur lashes, kitten lashes, and anime character lashes.

I quite like this one, and highly recommend it:

I was drawn to the cat sticker on the package. I didn't know cats had such lashes. I want to look like this too!!

What do you think?

I also Christmas-painted my nails, as I felt festive.

Today was very uneventful but very nice: I walked around Shimokitazawa on a sunny December afternoon, I ate an avocado, I googled pictures of young Robert Smith, I listened to about five hours of music and researched Japanese mascara. Not bad!


Judith said...

You just reminded me that I've been meaning to research Japanese Mascara....Maybe I'll just give this one a shot.

Anonymous said...

I so want to see what I'd look like with fur lashes!

Vivian said...

Judith- yes this one is really good! I also love the Canmake brand, it's so cheap and amazing.

Vaness- try the fur lashes!! Shu Uemura has great ones! I should do it for a NYE party :)

valerie said...

I use the Kate one and i luv it lol...