Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year (with a shake).

Happy New Year, love from Japan.

The earth shook today (7.0 off the coast of Tokyo) as a rude and surprising awakening to 2012, perhaps just reminding us of its presence.

Thankfully everything seems fine, and Tokyo rang 2012 in its usual lively fashion. Although I was craving a low-key New Years' Eve celebration with a secret plan involving a bottle of quality bubbly and the coziness of my house and selfish self, many visiting friends and fellow Tokyo-ites convinced me that a fun night out would be a much better idea.

And it was. We all gathered in Shibuya and went to see a performance by British DJ Gold Panda and Japanese act De De Mouse, for a night of dancing and actually attending a proper concert, one of my favourite activities. It was the perfect way to end a fantastic 2011 and to welcome an exciting new year, surrounded with friends who have managed to make Japan feel like home.

Interesting Japanese fact: on New Years Eve, the traditional food to be eaten is soba noodles: toshikoshi soba. The concert venue/nightclub even served bowls of soba, which we devoured before midnight. Only in Japan.

Gold Panda at work

Fun fact: Gold Panda used to teach English in Japan.

In true Japan style, the night ended with a steaming bowl of ramen, a 7:00 am train ride on the Yamanote line amongst sleepy souls, and a gorgeous sunrise.

Ramen in Shibuya, mmm

The Yamanote line, my favourite.

Note: I highly recommend having a listen to the album Companion by Gold Panda (2011), and here are some tracks.


French Lover said...

Sounds like you had an amazing NYE :) I thought of you when I saw the news this AM. Glad everything's fine. Bonne année Vivian <3

Ring of Fire said...

I had just gotten off a boat when the earthquake hit and I couldn't figure out if I was on a floating dock or if it was a real earthquake at first. Every time I visit Tokyo (twice) there's an earthquake.