Saturday, December 17, 2011

Behind the scenes: a video shoot

Yesterday I had the chance to participate in the making of my friend Prince Ness's upcoming music video: a Christmas song aptly titled "Maybe Next Christmas", a sequel to his cult hit "Internet Crush". Although I was designated as the stylist, I ended up multitasking as the cinematographer and art director. A small group of us all gathered our film knowledge and just experimented with a handheld camera, limited lighting and props.

We shot most of the scenes at Just Another Agency in Nakameguro, drawing inspiration from eighties New Wave videos and movies. I love the clothes we featured in the shoot, mostly vintage pieces we found in Harajuku, including an infamous banana shirt that was possibly a pajama in its previous life. It was a 7-hour long work day, including various coffee breaks, running around town for last-minute props and production issues.  It was very fun and reminiscent of my days working on a television set, and can't wait to share the final product shortly.

Here's how the day went:

Coffee courtesy of Gooz in Nakameguro, which features Western-style self service and a tasty selection at very reasonable prices.

The artist and the cameraman at work.

The studio space, thanks to the kind people at Just Another Agency. 

Christmas video: artificial snow!! 

Girls at work, step ladder included. 

 We were going for an Eastern European bar feel. Banana shirt's first public appearance.

 Lots and lots of snow, had to re-shoot and recycle due to my poor pouring skills.

Post-filming feast at Whoopi Goldburger with part of the crew. I polished off my avocado burger.

Somehow that is how my night ended, hopping on the toy horse outside Shibuya Beat Café and sipping on White Russians with another group of friends.

I woke up still wearing my hair ribbon- that usually means it was a really fun night.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Goodness I hate you white bitches. Fucking little shits.

Vivian said...

unknown- thanks!

cheshirecat said...

Wow, I fail to see how this post could have incited racial insults. It's clear who has the issues in this situation. Another great post Vivian.

Vivian said...

Cheshire- thanks!! Yeah I find it quite hilarious. Must be some guy I never called back or something.

Hate comments= I must be getting famous.