Monday, November 7, 2011

Tokyo Events: Vogue's Fashion Night Out

On Saturday night in Tokyo was Vogue's Fashion Night Out, where editors, designers and models all gathered on the stylish Omotesando avenue. For the occasion, all the luxury shops help different events and fashion shows. I had to chance to drop by Marc by Marc Jacobs, where I checked out the latest collections and even acquired a small "Marc" face painting on my upper cheek.

Omotesando was swarming with stylish people from the fashion industry, including Anna Wintour and her gorgeous daughter Bee Shaffer, as well as Burberry designer Christopher Bailey, whom I both actually saw in person at Omotesando Hills. Some of my favourite style bloggers, such as gorgeous Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast and Betty from Le Blog de Betty were also present- check out their blogs for their beautiful snapshots.

I feel lucky I was able to attend this event, combining some of my favourite things- fashion and Tokyo (and Marc Jacobs).


Omotesando Hills

Oh, we are not models.

Jennifer Hudson
marc face painting @ Marc Jacobs

Bee Shaffer <3

Pictures courtesy of my friend Eriko... thank you! xx


Taelin said...

Cute post and blog! You have a new follower, I will be checking out places you've recommended/posted in Tokyo!

Sarah said...

I meant to check out some of the events around omotesando but I ended up out clubbing with friends instead... it was fun but I'm always missing fno! I missed it in Paris too, ended up drinking on the pont des arts with friends and completely forgot about it. One of these years I'll make it out!

Isabel said...

Remember when we watched the Anna Wintour film? :)
xo said...

hiii ... Nice Post ..

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Judith said...

I'm so jealous! I would love to see Anna Wintour. I also want to set foot into a Marc Jacobs store, but then they'll immediately know I can't afford anything in the store, and I'll die from embarrassment and looking at clothes I can't afford.

Vivian said...

Taelin: Thank you so much!!! Are you in Tokyo??

Sarah: Too bad you missed it, it was great!! Let's go have some drinks at the Park Hyatt soon!!

Isabel: Yes, of course :) It was our first friend date... we barely knew each other, but I found it so fun to hang out with you! I miss you, always. xx

Judith: Oh, you should just go to Marc Jacobs!! There is a nice flagship store in Osaka, in Horie near Midosuji, a little bit tucked back. It's gorgeous!! You always wear cute outfits, so just go and pretend you have loads of money... that's what I do!! Ha ha.