Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tokyo Events: Matto Festo

To honour my Shimokitazawa friend and neighbour Matt's turning a year older, we threw a fun birthday bash last night in Nakameguro, complete with champagne, scrapbooks and markers to scribble birthday wishes. The venue was one of my favourites, Just Another Agency- basically a marketing agency that turns into a party space at night, with leather sofas, ping pong tables, and a living room-like cozy vibe.

For the occasion, the birthday boy asked his friends to DJ, so Mike and I came up with our own DJ act we (tongue-in-cheek) named "C'est Sluts". Wait- Mike actually came up with that name. Even though I've created countless playlists for friends in the past, it was my first time to actually DJ and Mike, a seasoned master of the turntables, showed me the ropes.

We ended up straying from our original playlist by throwing in some Billy Idol, Kylie Minogue, and more obscure Nike7UP into the mix. It was a fun dance floor, and a great learning experience. Luckily today is a holiday in Japan, and I'm craving a day in with some homemade pizza and friends.

Happy Birthday, Matt! xo

Yes, there was an actual flyer, props to our friend Eloise for creating it!

Candlelit turntables- romantic much.
Matt, the birthday boy

C'est Sluts

C'est Sluts at work

Mike did most of the work, while I assured a constant flow of drinks

The DJ lineup

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