Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tokyo Events: Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx
(The Haçienda)

Back in Montreal, you could find me weekly in the Mile End, attending different gigs. In Japan, the music scene is different- bands have to travel so far away, so performances are few and far in between, and the cost is quite extravagant. I gave up going to concerts, and I miss it so much.

Last weekend, British electronic duo Basement Jaxx played in Tokyo, and when a friend added my name to the guest list, I could not pass up on the occasion. I had liked Basement Jaxx's since the days of "Where's Your Head At?", and I knew it would be a fun party. They performed at a new nightclub called Sound Museum Vision in Shibuya.

As expected, it was fantastic: upbeat, sweaty, dance-y. Basement Jaxx played an actual DJ set and not so much their hit songs, although they sampled here and there. My friends and I danced so much, we were completely knackered by the end of the set, and in true Japanese fashion, we re-fueled on sushi at 3:00 am.

Great times, little by little I'm integrating so many of the elements I missed from home in my Tokyo life. Happiness.

Basement Jaxx in Shibuya, 11/5

It was a rather small venue, which I loved

This has always been my favourite Basement Jaxx song:


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