Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Favourites

November in Tokyo is chilly and gorgeous.

Here are some things I'm into, lately.

See by Chloé Christmas tree in Harajuku
Even though the mere thought of Christmas in Japan makes me extremely sad this year. Chin up?

White tights
What do we think about white tights? I find they are so girlie and wholesome, despite my behaviour as of late being everything but.

Soup Stock Tokyo
A little soup shop located inside Omotesando station and others across the city. Comforting. 

My favourite fruit, and it's persimmon season. How many am I allowed to eat each day?!

Cape, Top Shop
This cape has gotten a wide variety of comments, ranging from adorable to pumpkin-like. Perplexing.

Cults- Abducted
And this lovely, lovely song. xo

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mina said...

Is it actually chilly in November or have you just been out of Canada for too long? :) It felt like summer when we were there and it was October.