Sunday, November 27, 2011

Low Key Tokyo

This weekend, I took a much-needed breather from the Tokyo party scene and crowded events. Not only was it so refreshing and relaxing, but I also realized how much fun I can have on limited funds. The past two days have involved lots of home cooking (elaborate breakfasts, comforting chili, and avocado salads), fair amounts of exercising (running, and a few walks to and from Shibuya- surprisingly, it was the very first time I did this walk during day time and sober.. I almost got lost), lounging around at friends' houses, word games, and tons of writing and coffee.

My favourite kind of chair

Low-key Saturday night, my friend's new pad

The Yamanote Line

Breakfast for dinner @ On The Corner Shibuya

... and thank goodness for the ¥100 menu at McDonalds. Shhhhh.

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devoured said...

All sounds perfect... except maybe the McDonalds!