Thursday, November 24, 2011

Keeping in Touch

Thanks to the wonders of technology, keeping in touch while living abroad is so convenient. I sometimes wonder how it must have been like to live in Japan, say thirty years ago, when it was only possible to write letters. Yet, I do love snail mail and make an effort to exchange handwritten correspondence, or at least personal emails. Writing to my friends and family is something I really enjoy doing, and even though they read my blog, it does not replace an actual letter.

Lately, my favourite feature has been iMessage- which allows me and my iPhone owning friends around the world (hello, Fashimi!!) to text message each other for free. I am loving this so much, although we sometimes forget about time difference and accidentally text each other in the middle of the night.

Another application I'm obsessed with lately is Words With Friends, which allows users to play an addictive little Scrabble game. I've honestly missed train stops (and my bedtime), trying to come up with words. I'm terrible at the game, but I've been having intense battles with Mike and Sophia, all the way from Australia.

7:00 am games

The game has a conversation option, too


Ruthie said...

I completely agree about how great the iphone apps are, I only just got mine but since then it's enabled me to arrange meeting a friend from back home in Thailand for winter vacation! I love to write letters too but the iphone really has brought those friends at home closer!

Fashimi said...

I am so thankful for iMessage! It feels like we aren't so far away from each other! Let's snail mail too. Then we'll tackle most forms of communication. WIN.

Anonymous said...

Totally just added you and started a game :-)

Vivian said...

Ruthie: Indeed, it's so convenient!! Makes people feel closer too.

Fashimi: YES, let's do snail mail!! I love that we keep in touch daily :)

Vanessa: Haha!! Yes I saw, woo hoo!! I'm horrible at that game though... you'll see soon enough!

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