Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hidden Tokyo

I love how in a megapolis like Tokyo, you can randomly stumble upon shrines and gorgeous Japanese gardens.

The Shikoku girl in me always craves open spaces, greenery, bamboo trees, temples and mountains.

Now that the weather is cold, I long for nights in, hearty meals and exploring the traditional and cultural side of Tokyo- and perhaps plan a trip to the northern prefectures, a region I haven't explored yet.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

When you live in such a huge city, it's so vital that private places like these exist. Sometimes I feels so overwhelmed I don't even want to leave my apartment! That's when I'm extra thankful for the parks and hidden gems...

Cookie said...

nice but little bit sada:(
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Fashion Dawgs said...

I loved Japan when I visited. It was amazing, but I'm afraid I only visited Tokyo and further south.

Fashion Dawgs