Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cakes and Things.

... and I still love baking.

My friend Kumraz hosted a dinner party in her gorgeous apartment, and when she mentioned she had an oven (thanks, Fashimi!!), I immediately offered to bake vanilla cupcakes for all the girls. This time I used playful star and flower-shaped tins, and got a little creative with the frosting. The cupcakes were a hit, and so was the rest of the food everyone else made or brought.

House parties are a very rare occurrence in Japan: living quarters are usually too small to entertain at home, so most Japanese people choose to meet at restaurants and other venues. My friends and I still love to host at home, and we make do with the tiny kitchens and limited seating space. There's just something about having your friends sprawled across the floor and sharing a tiny kitchen counter that brings closeness (literally) and a particular casual vibe.

After feasting on copious amounts of food and drinks, we ended the night with some dancing to the of sounds some fun DJs, and a much, much-needed walk home from Shibuya.

My gorgeous friends in Tokyo

Boys can wear lipstick too. Fun, fun boys!

More friends- why am I so coy?


Anonymous said...

I agree, I love nights in, having dinner with friends at home. But New York is a lot like Tokyo in that respect. Our apartments are so small that all the socializing happens in restaurants instead... I keep wanting to have people over anyway, but we always end up at a bar, cafe or restaurant...

Nicole Marie said...

how cute are you! i love that bow or whatever is in your hair!