Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat: Tokyo

Halloween in Tokyo. 

Unlike last year, when I tried everything to avoid the Halloween celebrations in the countryside (for good reasons), this year I was fairly excited about Halloween. I dressed up as -guess what- a ballerina (albeit not a very scary one). Cheap and easy, as I already owned the full costume: leotard, ballet shoes, tights, and tutu. To be fair, the tutu was kid sized, but I managed to squeeze into it and strut around Shibuya without too much embarrassment.

Halloween in Japan is big. Even though it's a holiday not traditionally celebrated by the Japanese, they love to borrow traditions from other countries, and they go all out with the decorations and costumes. The streets of Shibuya were wild, full of crazy costumes, and well, barely there costumes.
My friends and I had a fun night out, dancing, club hopping, and mingling in the streets. 

Today was the actual Halloween day, and surprisingly I saw handfuls of kids trick or treating in my neighbourhood. Trick or treating does not happen much in Japan, but I live in a very affluent (read: rich) area, and I think the mothers has organized a neighbourhood candy hunt. It was nice to see, reminded me of home (minus the snow!!)

Here are a few random snapshots, I did not take any photos while out, I was too busy smuggling... er, having fun. 

Slash and Axl.. well done

I met Justin Bieber.. ooooh baby baby

Japan is not complete without purikura

Japan's take on trick or treat: a note read to just take candy

Those are not pumpkins, but delicious persimmons

My neighbour's house


kellina said...

Sounds like fun! Happy Halloween Vivian! xo

Principessa said...

So nice to see my favorite holiday in my favorite country. :)

catkin and teasel said...

Your neighbour's house looked so god damn cute! xx said...

hiii ... Nice Post ..

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