Monday, October 24, 2011

Slices of Tokyo

Tokyo is warm, then cold, then sunny, then rainy. Friends come and go, it's sad, but life goes on, Tokyo never sleeps. Nothing is more soothing than dancing all night to the beautiful sounds of another edition of Hindu Love on Saturday night.

A couple of onigiris, orange-flavoured water and a first train later, my lovely friend Kumraz and I hit Good Honest Grub in Ebisu, a place recommended by Sophia (you can read her review here) for a late Sunday brunch. I'm so thankful my favourite Sunday tradition is back in my life, it makes me feel much at home, and in excellent company likewise.

I then wandered around the hilly, posh neighbourhood of Daikanyama, famous for its upscale pastry shops and luxury brands... purely eye candy. I also tried to detoxify myself from a weekend copious in foods and other indulgences with a nice run around my neighbourhood, only to succumb a bit later to an okonomiyaki and beer feast back in Shimokitazawa... oops.

Sunday night perfection, I'd say.

Me + The Smiths

Hey, DJ.




Good Honest Grub, Ebisu

Photobooth Love


Judith said...

Your posts make me think I should give Tokyo another chance. To be fair I was there only three days and I was sick but it did not seem nearly as diverse or exciting as you describe it. And your outfit pictures always make me want to go shopping. I love the outfits you can pull off.

Vivian said...

Hi Judith!! Tokyo can indeed by very overwhelming and impersonal on the surface, but once you scratch it a little and wander around (or best, get locals to show you their fav spots), Tokyo is so warm and lively. Tokyo is huge, and for now I mostly stick to the areas I know, but it feels so much like home, and Tokyo is comforting. Please come back, and if you do I'll be happy to show you around! And thanks for the outfit compliment, I'm flattered as I don't feel like I'm very adventurous. How's life in Osaka? xo

Judith said...

I'm adjusting to Osaka and just life in general in Japan.I've only been here about three months. I don't live in the actual city which makes me a bit sad, but about thirty minutes south down in Sakai. I feel like I get along with Osaka. The food culture and how laid back the area feels appeal to me, so I think this is a good fit. I can see why the residents here are so fiercely loyal to their home. If I can ever make it back up to Tokyo, I'd love a tour! Your brunch pictures are torture!