Sunday, October 16, 2011

Running in Tokyo

After an extensive hiatus on my running habits, due to the insane heat and humidity and small factors such as an intra-Nippon move, I started running again. It's autumn, and the weather is absolutely perfect and crisp enough.

My main concern about Tokyo was about not being able to find proper running paths. Sure, there are green spaces such as Yoyogi Park, but I prefer something that is right in my neighbourhood (by the time I'd run to Yoyogi Park, I'd be too tired/bored to run more!!).

Shimokitazwa does not abound with parks, but I find the small, windings streets are perfect for running. The sights are gorgeous (traditional homes, lots of trees and cats) and there are very few people and cars. From Shimokitazawa, if I run through those small streets, I can quickly find myself in Shibuya or Nakameguro.
I have been using the Run Keeper application, which keeps track of time and distance, and offers a (much needed) map of my whereabouts. To my surprise, I found out that I can run to my friend Mike's house in less than 30 min, when it takes about that time and two different train lines otherwise. I can also run to Shibuya in about 14 minutes, but then again, it's not very handy to show up sweaty and wearing running gear there. Still, it's interesting to get to know Tokyo through running.

I still think my area is the most quiet and residential I've ever lived in, and it's so easy to escape the madness of Shibuya and Shinjuku crowds. Best of both worlds.

Tokyo, I adore you.

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