Monday, October 3, 2011

Harajuku Afternoons

Lazy autumn days.

The October weather in Japan can be described as absolutely perfect- warm, sunny and slightly crisp. In Tokyo, those kinds of days only call for one thing: a wander around Yoyogi Koen, the largest park in Tokyo. On Sundays especially, it gets very animated, with families and young people playing and lounging about. This weekend, the Hokkaido Fair was held in Yoyogi Koen, which featured different foods from that northern region of Japan: fresh grilled seafood, miso ramen, soup curry.

Those lazy afternoons are also perfect for a stroll around Harajuku, to bask in everything one can imagine when thinking of Japanese subcultures. Takeshita street caters to the gothic lolitas and faux punks, while tree-lined Omotesando carries all that is luxurious and upscale. And, tucked in all over Harajuku are countless vintage and secondhand shops full of treasures.

Red tights, lilac bag, mouse ring

"Let's meet at the Hachiko dog, he's cute"

Québecois treasures in the heart of Tokyo: Michèle Richard for 390 yen.

This, right here, is my swag.

Hipster Galore

I'm afraid I'll never want to leave Tokyo...


Anonymous said...

No, you should never leave Tokyo! Because one day I'll come for a visit and I'll need YOU to show me all the spots!

mina said...

Ha! I was going to write the exact same thing as Vanessa.

mina said...

P.S. I know we're always saying that we want to visit and never do, but that's only because it's actually our favorite place in the world and if we make it there we want it to be more then 2 weeks. I'd like to live there for a year but Alex thinks it will be too much. Help me convince him?