Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food Stuffs

Japanese Food Pyramid:


                                                             Canadian Food Pyramid:

Both countries feature grains and carbs as the main nutrients, but the major difference lies in the fruits and vegetables. While the Canadian food guide recommends between 5-10 portions of fruits and veggies per day, the Japanese food guide only features vegetables in the second row, while fruits are at the very top of the pyramid. Interesting.

Did I ever mention how expensive fruit is in Japan? A single apple costs ¥100 (1.35$), a pear ¥160 (2.17$), a bunch of grapes ¥398 (5.39$), and a melon can cost well over ¥1500 (20.33$). Let's just say I rarely ever buy fruit, and the only fruit I can afford are bananas: ¥98 (1.32$) for 3-4.

Banana consumption is a running joke amongst my friends living here... we all are so sick of bananas, but it's the only fruit we can afford. I do frequently splurge on apples and pears because I feel unhealthy if I don't incorporate them in my diet, and I try to stick to seasonal fruit, such as persimmons, as they tend to be quite cheap.

I definitely miss being able to eat tons of fresh fruit (and a wide variety) in Canada, something that is considered a luxury here in Nippon land. Thankfully the selection of vegetables makes up for the lack of fruit!

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