Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tokyo A Go-Go

My best friend Isabel came to visit a few weeks ago. Isabel, with whom I shared the loneliness and rice fields of Shikoku... the loneliness and rice fields we managed to turn into the most memorable time of our lives. This time around, there were no rice fields, only the Tokyo skyscrapers and crowds of people. It had been over a year since we had exchange tearful goodbyes at Marugame station, and yet, we kept in touch almost daily.

(Un)surprisingly, everything was exactly the same- we stayed up all night talking and catching up, and we were back to our old antics, otherwise known as getting ourselves in trouble for various aforementioned antics. I was so happy and ecstatic to see her, and I love the fact that we explored my new neighbourhood together. She became a temporary resident of the Shimo House (this is what I call the house where I live), and we did everything ranging from riding swans, eating Jamaican food in Harajuku, drinking more green tea lattes than anyone can handle, causing a commotion at the local sushi bar, dancing the night away, browsing the vintage shops, to eating bentos while lounging around and catching up in my room.

... and we were never being boring.

{Isabel, at a hammock café in Kichijoji}

{We got a tad too excited for those hammocks... cho tanoshii!!}

{Lost in Translation... in Shimokitazawa}

{Sipping of one of too many green tea concoctions}

{The aforementioned local sushi place, yum}


{Isabel and my roommate Kazu, lost in Shinjuku}

{Isabel, myself and Kazu having bubble tea in Kichijoji}

{Fun times at Trump Room}

{Riding a swan in Kichijoji, Inokashira Koen}

{Of course we had to ride a swan! Thanks Kazu for the photos}

{Shibuya, 3:00 am}

{Self portraits in Shibuya}

{Can you see us?}

{My two favourite people in the world}

{Isabel and her treasures}

Isabel, I miss you so much already.


Fashimi said...

Woaaah! You updated your blog design! いいね!

Vivian said...

Haha!! I just picked the already made template from Blogger... I still want to change it... sigh.