Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer skin.

End of summer.

My second summer in Japan. It was a very, very fun summer, perhaps bringing back those feelings of euphoria I used to have as a kid.

I was lucky to spend summer in two different cities, Osaka and Tokyo. Many significant changes took place, and although I was a bit sad to say farewell to Osaka, I really adore my new Tokyo home. Between packing boxes, shipping my stuff and securing a house in Tokyo, I managed to squeeze in so much fun and leave Osaka with great memories: late nights at Utsubo Koen with Nick (and an armful of drinks), late night bikes rides all over the city, visits from friends.

{Summer in Osaka}

{My favourite person in Osaka and Utsubo drinking partner}

{Daily trips at Osaka Castle}

{Jaclyn from Seoul + cute Nara deer}

{Temporary roommate and um, dog magazine}

{Michiko on Mido-suji}


And summer continued in Tokyo, with this insane heat and humidity that is finally taming down. It was good to be reunited with close friends, exploring Shimokitazawa with Isabel, partaking in the nighttime madness that is Shibuya, walking home at sunrise, meeting new and interesting people, and making myself at home in Tokyo.

{Summer in Tokyo}

{The day I moved to Tokyo}

{I am still fascinated with Shibuya crossing}

{... and we were never being boring}

{My bestie}


{The Shimo House}

{Shibuya nights}


{Shimokitazawa, my new neighbourhood}

{Fun times at Echo}

{Late nights at Trump and new friends}

I am equally excited for autumn, which should be a beautiful season in Tokyo, my very first here.