Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shimokitazawa cafés: Mixture

Another (new) favourite café of mine, perfect for a Sunday brunch, Mixture is located right in the heart of Shimokitazawa (north side). My friend had pointed it out to me when I first moved here, saying she had gotten addicted to it. Unfortunately she left Japan, but I had promised her I'd try it, and this slow Sunday afternoon seemed ideal for it.

The café has morning sets and lunch sets, but I doubt I'll ever be up early enough to catch the morning set. They mostly serve sandwiches and pizza, and it comes with a nice salad and drink. I tried the recommended avocado and tuna salad, with apple juice, and it was scrumptious and filling.

Mixture also doubles as a bakery, and they sell their famous espresso bread, made with coffee beans from neighbour shop Bear Pond Espresso.

I was also lucky to run into one of my friends there, so I joined him at his table and we had a long lunch, it was really nice and random. I think I'll definitely become addicted to Mixture, as they really have the best sandwiches around- believe me, good sandwiches are rare commodity in Japan.

Mixture is a few steps away from Bear Pond Espresso, going north on that same road.

Mixture ミクスチャ
Kitazawa 3-31-5

Closed on Thursdays.

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catkin and teasel said...

Did you run into Matthew there?! We used to spend waaaaaay too much time at Mixture. I really miss that 700en honjitsu sando set!

Elo x