Monday, September 12, 2011


In Japan, there is a tradition called Otsukimi, literally meaning "moon viewing". Otsukimi happens only once per year, in the fall, and it happens to be today. I would never have known, but my Japanese roommate told me while we were talking tonight (another reason to love living with Japanese people, I feel like I am learning so much more about the culture).

For Otsukimi, Japanese grass decorations called susuki are displayed, and dangos (Japanese rice cakes) are eaten. In the modern days of Japan, I think most families don't full on celebrate those smaller traditions, but my Japanese friends told me they ate the rice cakes and definitely looked at the moon.

I stepped out on my balcony and looked at the moon for a long time tonight, it was quite stunning indeed. If you are in Japan tonight, take a look at the moon!


hoihoi51 said...

13夜 in my region, Yamanashi
13th moon viewing
Otsukimis are occered twice, on full moon and 13the moon.
it is said 13the moon is more beautiful.
I think the Japanese loves warpe.
see the Japanese tea cup.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I love how many special traditions Japan has like this, I wish the US had more.

Ring of Fire said...

McDonalds serves a Tsukimi Burger every year during the Harvest moon. I found out about Tuskimi and the Tsukimi burger when my supermarket suddenly filled up with dangos and I asked my co-workers why.