Monday, September 19, 2011

Domestic Tokyo

One grey Monday afternoon + two French Canadian girls + one kitchen with oven = LASAGNA!

Another perk of living in Tokyo now is having Valerie around, a fellow French Canadian hailing from Montreal (we literally grew up minutes away from each other, unknowingly until Japan). Valerie is like my little sister, although she is much better at being an older sister to me, which I really enjoy.

I think we made quite an impression (read: terrified) her Japanese roommates, as two Québécoises franctically cooking a massive lasagna and animatedly conversing in French. I have been in Japan for so long now, and mostly living in English (and Japanese)- it's easy to forget about my roots sometimes. I love hanging out with Valerie, as it's the most familiar feeling in the world, to speak in our mother tongue and to know the same cultural references.

Thankfully her house has an oven, so it might become my favourite place to hang out now- next time, cupcakes and poutine?


Anonymous said...

This is exactly how I felt about my American friends while living in Sweden! It just made life easier to have someone who knew what I was referring to when Swedes would look at me like I was crazy.

Also, I've been dying to try poutine! It always sounds so good!

Suteisi ♥ said...

Je trouvais ca drole de parler en francais quand j'etais a Tokyo il y a 2 ans. Comme si je ne me fesais pas deja asser regarder comme ca, en plus on dirait que les japonais ce demande d'ou je venais vraiment en se redant compte que je ne parlais pas anglais!! Lol

valerie said...

We literally traumatize everyone lol..they are still talking about it...I started to eat my left over lasagna in the living room...i got asked 3 times..what are you eating and what's this and oh so smart comment of the host...i was wondering why you and your friend were waiting around the oven yesterday...and first time i'm seeing a home-cooked lasagna...I swear to god..we are so gonna make them eat the thanksgving dinner with us...

Judith said...

I have to say I'm a little sad about you leaving osaka. I've really enjoyed going to some of the places you mentioned. Thanks for telling me about the hair places! I am wondering if you ever found anything like a real thrift store in Osaka? I'm glad you're feeling better in Tokyo though!

Vivian said...

Hello, Judith!

I feel like I know Osaka quite well, so please don't hesitate to ask me for recommendations, and I still have lots of friends there, so I can help out :)

As for thrift stores- there are quite a few in Minami Senba and Horie, respectively northwest and west of Shinsaibashi. Thrift stores in Japan tend to sell nice brands, so it's never super cheap. Kobe has a cute row of thrift shops near Motomachi station, but I cannot tell you exactly where- I think Kobe would be better for thrifting.

I hope you enjoy Osaka- I am so fond of that place, but I think Tokyo is much better for me, as most of my friends are here, and it just feels less lonely, and more suitable for what I enjoy doing :)


mina said...

I'm so jealous that you live in Tokyo. You have no idea how often we talk about going there, but if we go back we want to spend more than a few weeks there and we just don't know how to make that happen.

Sometimes I feel totally lost when people start speaking french here. When I was in France, I felt like I could follow but the slang here is ridiculous and I don't understand anything. I hope that I can learn a little French before my time in Montreal is over.