Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yutenji, Meguro

Yesterday afternoon, Mike and I wandered around a neighbourhood called Yutenji, located in Meguro (a few steps away from Shibuya). Yutenji abounds with vintage shops, and we had a few fun hours trying on everything we could get our hands on. While I failed to convince him to buy neon graphic Cheap Monday skinny jeans, I found a black A.P.C. polo shirt for less than 10$.

I loved a particular shop named Breed, owned by a laid-back Japanese guy who wore a Sonic Youth shirt (which I commented on in my broken Japanese, to his delight). I think Tokyo (and Japan, in general) has an amazing selection of vintage and secondhand goods- everything is in such great condition, and there is a wider variety of name brands, if you're into that. Also, Breed is open until midnight, and I think it's a very good thing, in case you need a new outfit right before going out.

If you're in Tokyo and looking for a relaxing afternoon stroll, I highly recommend walking around Yutenji and hunt for treasures, then walk along the Meguro River to finally end up in gorgeous, cicada-filled Setagaya-koen.

{You can see where Setagaya and Meguro are located, right next to Shibuya. Shimo-kitazawa is in Setagaya, while Yutenji is in Meguro}


hoihoi51 said...

walking from Shimo-kita to sangen jya is nice.
I like sangen jya..
this is nice bike video from sangen jya to Mita

Principessa said...

Thanks for this! I've only been to one used shop and that was in Odaiba.