Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer hibernation: Update

My summer hibernation has caused a great deal of talk amongst my group of friends here in Osaka. As ridiculous as the concept sounds, everyone has been supportive and keeping me company through text messages and calls. My friends all poke fun at me, but I'm quirky like that.

It's been successful so far: I have not broken any rules, managed to go out for coffee and bike rides, and even met up with friends. I packed most of my apartment, my walls are now bare and it's a sad sight, but I am finally being more productive. I have treated myself to ice cream and I ate a whole row of Oreos, but felt like I deserved it after working so hard.

I'm not sure if my hibernation will be beneficial in any ways, it might only cause me to lose my mind (and gain weight from Oreos?), but it's been kind of enjoyable to have all this time to myself. I realized how much I have gotten used to living alone and how independent I am now. Also, not spending money (or barely) is a really good thing, and keeping myself busy with studying, writing, and reading.

It's turning to be a fun experiment, after all.

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