Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday night, Sunday morning

On Saturday night my friends and I ended up at Trump Room (a gorgeous venue filled with gorgeous people), where we watched a burlesque show and sipped on (free) cucumber gin and tonics. Trump Room is such a beautiful baroque space, walls adorned with gold-framed mirrors of all sizes and massive chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. We spent the night dancing to everything ranging from The Smiths to Joy Division and some obscure disco songs, and before I knew it, it was 5:00am. That's one thing I love about Japan- the party never really ends, even once the sun rises.

{Trump Room, Shibuya}

{Two Princes}

{In the DJ booth, at work}

{Obligatory mirror shot, self portrait heaven}

We walked out of the venue and enjoyed some McMuffin treats on the sidewalk, and sadly, Shibuya is such a desolate scene early Sunday morning: trash littered everywhere, people sleeping on sidewalks, and scattered groups of people heading out to catch the first train back home. Yet, it's usually cleaned very quickly, and a few hours later no one could ever guess it looked so dirty just moments before.

{Shibuya crossing, early Sunday morning}

I walked home at 6:00 am to the sounds of Animal Collective in my ears, with the sun shining brightly, and suddenly realizing I was locked out of my house (I had my key, but there was a lock mishap). Hopefully my roommates don't hate me for calling and ringing the doorbell, and I deeply apologize to the boy sleeping in the room next to mine for giving him a fright while knocking on his window and entering his room. We laughed about it over breakfast (or rather, lunch), but I'm slightly embarrassed.

It was a great weekend, complete with a lazy Sunday spend ambling around Shimokitazawa, hunting for treasures. I love this place.


French Lover said...

Merci pour tes mots sages :) Tu as bien raison. Parfois le futur ressemble à une montagne, alors qu'en réalité on n'aura pas à attendre le sommet en un jour. Enfin je me comprends ;)

Je suis contente de voir que tu profites de la vie à Tokyo <3


Anonymous said...

Trump Room looks fantastic! If I ever make it to Tokyo I fully expect to meet you there for a drink :-)