Saturday, August 20, 2011

Osaka Farewell.

In Osaka I saw you last
Your face pressed up against the glass
Across the tracks you're looking at
As bullets pass behind your back

And I tried to catch your eye and then
Walk past ya as the train came in
But I missed ya there and lost my mind
The morning crowd pushed me behind

-Discovery, Osaka Loop Line.

Good bye, Osaka. It was a short-lived albeit intense stint. It turned out to be completely different from what I had imagined, yet in the end it was even better. I'll miss the neon lights, the Glico man, the Dotonbori street and the aroma of takoyaki.

Osaka, so vibrant and warm.

I'll miss the people I met here, even if some of them already left... cycling the streets and wandering around in the middle of the night, and how busy Umeda station is, despite how scary it seemed at first... evenings at Utsubo Park with Nick, lying on the grass, taking pictures and building a strong, lifelong friendship that I'll crave on a daily basis... my little apartment that I made my home, from scratch... running at Osaka Castle at night... easy escapes to Kyoto and Nara... warm onigiris for breakfast... drinks on the Hankyu train... movie nights and sleepovers under the kotatsu... summer nights at the park... the Nepalese bar... pizza from Bridges... bagels on Chayamachi... okonomiyaki near Matsuyamachi (wait... I'll miss Osaka food so much! After all, Osaka is mostly famous for its cuisine).

Osaka was a major challenge. I started from scratch, not knowing anyone, and in Osaka I experienced the loneliest moments of my life. Yet, it turned out to be such a rewarding experience, a prolific time, and I built some close friendships (and a strong sense of independence).

Oh, Osaka, you were wild.

Good times. I love you, Osaka.


Nick said...

Missing you already.

Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

Michi said...

You made me fall in love with Osaka. Now I can't wait to fall in love with Tokyo through your blog. :)