Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Tokyo Home

I'm in love with my new home, a neighbourhood called Shimo-kitazawa.

I took the pictures on my walk from the station to my house. Even though I live in the biggest city in the world, and near Shibuya, the downtown core of Tokyo, I have never lived anywhere so quiet and peaceful ever before in my life. All I can hear at night are the sounds of crickets and cicadas in the trees, and the sound and smell of rain. I feel like I live in the countryside again, which is wonderful when so many exciting things are a few steps away.

{Frankly, it's even more quiet than where I lived on Shikoku!}

{Shimo-kitazawa, Tokyo.}


mccandie said...

aaa! beautiful! I envy you, because i love Japan. :3

kellina said...

so beautiful! i love your description.

Buddha Bellies said...

Adorable! Must make it seem more like home to live somewhere so quaint and in Tokyo no less!

Anonymous said...

So cool. It's really amazing that your neighborhood is so quiet despite being near the heart of Tokyo. I feel the same way about living in Queens. People look down on Queens because it's not 'glamorous' Manhattan, but it's so nice to live someplace quiet and still have Manhattan ten minutes away.