Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mr Bean: Soy Milk in Shibuya

(Un)fortunately this is not a post about Britain's famed character, but rather a soy milk restaurant in Tokyo. Mr Bean is originally from Singapore, and recently opened a few branches in Tokyo, including one inside Shibuya station (incidentally on my walk to the Keio train line).

They serve Pearl Milk Tea (also known as Bubble Tea, with the chewy balls of tapioca), and various snacks such as custard cakes and ice cream. Everything is made from non genetically modified soy beans, and the smoothies are quite healthy. Today I drank an Acai Berry soy drink, and it was so filling I skipped dinner.

If you walked through Shibuya station, I highly recommend stopping by Mr Bean to sip on a soy milk drink while looking at the view of Shibuya (yes, I am still completely ecstatic and wide-eyed about my new surroundings... complete sensory overload).

Here is a fun video (in Japanese) about Mr Bean in Shibuya station:


Mellie said...

:) I just discovered a bubble tea place in the centre of London, I haven't seen one since I was in China a few years back so it was nice to indulge.. I really love bubble tea although I know a lot of my friends find the tapioca balls very strange!

tales from south of the river"

pmak said...

I love bubble tea. I actually recently made it at home with family and posted about it. It was interesting to make but obviously much easier to order out. Paula