Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last days in Osaka

Countdown has started... four more sleeps until Tokyo. Or, rather, no sleep 'til Tokyo, which is pretty much the theme of this last bit.

The hibernation experiment was successful, in the sense that I spent much-needed time on my own, gathering my thoughts and my belongings, and saying goodbye to this intense Kansai stint.

The hibernation experiment was a major fail, in the sense that I quickly got dragged out of my house, thus explaining the sleep-deprived whirlwind of the past few days. Yet, without even breaking rules (especially the non-spending money one), I managed to have the best Osaka send-off. All I can remember are empty bottles of champagne on a Sunday afternoon, a long and hot bike ride across Osaka, an iPod sitting on my coffee table and my Christmas lights, a traditional Japanese meal at a posh restaurant complete with tatami mats and sliding doors, a karaoke performance (by moi) in a swanky lounge, fueled with expensive champagne and with an appreciative audience of two Japanese businessmen, too many soy lattes with Nick in Umeda, bookstores, self-portraits and movie trailers, and more bike rides in this unbearable heat.

I have no idea how I survived kindergarten today.

{Nick and I in Umeda, Monday afternoon}


Anonymous said...

Good luck in the las few days! I know how tough they can be. Especially emotionally. But you have NO idea how excited to read your posts from Tokyo!!!

pmak said...

I really liked the last few posts. Good luck in Tokyo and try to enjoy every minute of your life abroad. I already checked out the "I Want To Be A Coppola" site. How fun and lucky you are to be a part of it. Paula

mina said...

ugh. i'm stilled bummed that we never made it to japan to sing karaoke with you.

let us know your dates if you visit montreal. would love to meet up. we plan on traveling for xmas but perhaps a few days will overlap.