Friday, August 12, 2011

Japanese Futon

{Japanese futon}

Futon ふとん is the traditional Japanese bedding. The Japanese version is very different from the North American version, the former being a bed, and the latter more of a sofa.

The Japanese futon consists of a mattress pad and a quilted cover, which can be easily folded and stored away during the day. In traditional Japanese homes, large rooms covered with tatami have various usages, therefore futons can be stored during the day and the room can be used as a living room. Large, deep closets can be used to store said futons.

I think futons are very comfortable. I slept on a futon my first year in Shikoku, and even though I opted for an actual bed later on, I have a few futons for guests use, and I equally love futons.

Futons require special care. Since they are laid out directly on the floor (most likely tatami mats), mold can develop, so it's important to fold the futon every morning and leave it in a corner of the room, or in the closet. And at least once a week, most Japanese people air out their futons on the balcony, securing them on the ledge with giant pegs. I think it's such a typical sight in the Japanese landscape.

Futons are very affordable. Mine are from MUJI, the quality is excellent and the quilt is stuffed with down feathers. Futons usually come with the traditional bean pillow, but most modern sets come with a regular, more comfortable pillow. I remember my first week in Japan, while training and sleeping in the company apartment, we were all so surprised and excited to sleep on futons. Now, they're so normal to me, and I'll probably have one shipped from Japan once I leave!

{My futon is coming to Tokyo, it will be shipped in its own special bag. Lucky it.}

{Futon being aired out in Japan. Secure it!!}

{Just another Sunday morning in Japan}


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

surprisingly comfy!

valfrid said...

Nice to read this post about the Futons...

Tiago said...

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Natural Living said...

Your post is very interesting and very useful about Japanese Futon for those who want to buy the futon. As you wrote Japanese futon consists of a mattress pad and a quilted cover, which can be easily folded and stored away during the day. It may be too helpful and nice at traveling time.

Natural Living said...

I like this Japanese Futon because it is very comfortable and affordable to buy and manage at traveling time.

Unknown said...

I have to sleep on a Japanese futon because beds hurt my back. They are super comfy but it is hard to get them cleaned and aired. Definitely need to find some of those pegs!