Friday, August 12, 2011

Friendships, Time, and Distance

Today, I was writing to my closest childhood friend, whom I grew up with, and we were reminiscing about our summers spent in Maine together. My family would rent a cottage on the beach, and I was allowed to invite a friend along, so I would invite her. We would always sneak out at night and go to the beach, talk, and collect seashells and starfish.

Now, about fifteen years later, we are still just as close, even though our lives are completely different. She is married, and is about to give birth to her first baby this week. I'm so happy for her. And here I am, living it up all over Japan and writing, worlds apart. It could not be any different, yet we've always supported each other's life decisions and managed to keep in touch all those years.

I think those are true friendships. Those that survive time and distance, because well, it can be difficult to stay in touch with friends. Over the course of my life and especially while living in Korea and Japan, I met some amazing people who will be lifelong friends, and despite the fact that people come and go all the time, I have managed to keep in touch, through writing and visits, with those I was closest with.

Lately I've been feeling torn about my life decisions and the people I love back home. The decisions I have been making those past few weeks probably came as a surprise to many of my Montreal friends, and although they fully support my career choices, they are somewhat disappointed I'm not coming home. It's difficult for me, I adore this place, I am pursuing some career goals and well, my life is here now, even though I do miss my friends and family so dearly.

I like to believe that true friendships will remained unchanged despite the time and distance, and even though keeping in touch may be inconsistent, emails, small notes, parcels and phone catch up sessions make it all better.

{Isabel left over a year ago- somehow, we managed to stay in touch practically every single day since she left, and in two weeks she will be visiting Japan.}


Suteisi ♥ said...

People come and go, some others stay longer. There is 1 person in my life who I feel I can call a true friend (other than family) since we've been friends for over 10 years, I moved out of town and came back, she moved out of town and came back. There was a time we saw each other less. Lately we're texting and hanging out more. Yet we are still close friends. :)

I like stories like these! It's great you share them on your blog.

Coffee_c said...

Don't worry about your Montreal friendships : if they are true, they will last a lifetime and when you see them it's going to be as if you never left.

Except when you speak about your experience in Japan, which they won't understand but it's ok, it's always going to be like you own little secret.

I'm so glad you decided to pursue YOUR dreams, and decided to stay in Japan if this is what you really wanted. Living in Tokyo is going to be a new experience altogether, and i'm sure it's the right choice for you.

Keep it up babe! And keep writing. We enjoy your blog so much : it's always so insightful and fresh!

I love you my friend.

Vivian said...

Merci, Annie!!!

(I think I really needed to hear this)

You've always been so supportive in anything career or travel-related, I know you can understand since you traveled so much yourself. And you're right, true friendships will last.

And now you also are about to have a baby, this is madness, and I'm so happy for you!!!! I will keep looking for updates... et bonne chance, je pense fort à toi!

Je t'adore!