Monday, August 8, 2011

Fireworks and such.

Summer in Osaka has been so much fun, and being on holiday is lovely, even if I'm staying in the city.

On Saturday, everyone dressed up in yukata to see the Yodogawa Fireworks, by the river of the same name. Fireworks are called Hanabi 花火 in Japanese, and they're a prominent part of traditional Japanese summer festivities. In fact, Japan has more fireworks displays than any other country in the world.

On Sunday, we had a BBQ in the park, riverside, celebrating the wedding of our coworkers and friends. It was a long, lazy summer afternoon, filled with grilled foods (items such as hot dogs and hamburgers, as mundane as it sounds, but I had not eaten those in two years), lots of sun, and lots and lots of drinking. It went on well into early evening, and it was just one of those really memorable summer days, that left me completely exhausted but suntanned.

As for my holiday, I'm supposed to be cleaning and packing, but I have been lounging about all day eating grapes and basking in complete non-productivity. It feels so great, and oh, I finally got a haircut and shed some of my lion's mane weight (I still have massive hair, granted). Even though we have tons of English-speaking hairdressers geared towards foreign customers in Osaka, I always choose Japanese stylists- I get to practice my Japanese, and I'm always happy with the results.


Corie said...

Summer, fireworks and holiday: a great combination! Sounds like you're enjoying a great vacation. Good luck on the upcoming move to Tokyo. Look forward to the Tokyo themed posts in future! :)

Fresh Garden said...

Nice post! Nice pics!

Jen said...

Your hair looks wonderful, Vivian! I think I would love summer in Japan because fireworks are one of my most favorite things. I never get to go to fireworks shows anymore.

hoihoi51 said...

Fireworks of the Sumida river are held late due to the earthquake this year.

Judith said...

Would you mind telling us where you got your hair cut in Osaka? I'm looking for a place to go, but there are so many choices here!

Vivian said...

Hey Judith! I just went to a place on my street corner- I lived near Tanimachi 4-chome, it was across the street from exit 3, a random place called Patio or something along those lines. I highly recommend going there if you don't mind the fact that they don't speak any English.

If you want an English-speaking salon, my friends raved about K Salon in Umeda, the stylist used to work in NYC: