Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cicadas in Japan

Hailing from Canada, I had no idea what a cicada was (neither how to pronounce it) until I heard hundreds of them, my first summer in Japan. Those insects are a big part of the Japanese summer, you know it's summer when you can hear them. They sit in trees and sing so loudly. In the morning especially, choirs of cicadas make striking sounds, so loud I need to cover my ears. Cicadas are massive in size- I'm not an insect lover, but I think cicadas are beautiful critters, with neon green stripes and clear wings. They're also quite friendly, and inoffensive- I like to pick them up from trees and hold them for a bit.

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Suteisi ♥ said...

Hi! New follower here~ I can't wait to read about your move to Tokyo and new adventures! (I love Tokyo! I travelled there in 2009)

Where in Canada are you from? I'm in Ontario and we have cicadas here n___n! They sing loudly when it gets super hot, I just heard one yesterday afternoon~