Saturday, July 2, 2011

Utsubo Park, Osaka

{Utsubo Koen, Osaka, 10 pm}

Endless patches of green grass, meadows, trees, tea lights, puppies, chilled drinks, salty snacks and friends- my idea of a perfect summer night.

Utsubo Koen is an urban park located a bit West of the Shinsaibashi area, and it's luscious and gorgeous, especially at night. It's a quiet escape from the downtown mayhem, and the best way to spend a Saturday night with my Osaka friend Nick, who introduced me to this park... and who makes my daily life in this city a lot brighter... on and off the Hankyu train mornings and evenings, partner in crime for Friday morning dashes to Mr Donut, and break time runs to the vending machine).

My favourite part about those summer nights is to ride my bike back home, ambling through the different neighbourhoods, before stumbling home and falling asleep listening to The Smiths.


French Lover said...

Sounds like a perfect Summer night indeed <3

Anonymous said...

I love spending summers in parks! Getting to have picnic dinners in Central Park and Astoria Park is one of the things I'm looking forward to the most during the next few months.

Michi said...

You write so romantically about everything, it's endearing and I love it.