Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Running Up That Hill

Where have I been? Pretty much all over the place lately. It's been a very interesting weekend, and the most relaxed and detached I have felt in a very long time, surrounded with sights I love and people I love even more. I also got very sick (one of the many perks that comes along with working around children), and have been surviving on an exclusive diet of plain white rice and roasted barley tea. Pretty boring?

Here are some memorable shots of the past few days... my favorites.

All that to an overly eclectic soundtrack...

Don't ask. Really.

I need to get my thoughts back together, and most importantly I need some real sleep to get a grasp on reality. In other news, Japan has been hot, hot, hot, and it's typhoon season- which sounds scary, but is more about strong winds and rain, which is refreshing in this weather.


Melan said...

food looks delicious!

Tales from South of the River

World Tour Stories said...

aaah love the mix between soulja boy and kate bush.

THAT's eclectic

rita.bee said...

soulja boy vivian? i HAVE to ask.

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