Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kansai in July.

Yes, it's really happening, and moving my life to Tokyo is one of the most impulsive, spontaneous decisions I've ever made in my life (I think it may also be one of the best, for various reasons).

As exciting as moving to Tokyo is, it's also a headache of logistics- I wish I could hire someone to take care of all the details, but I'm getting used to this part it seems and getting better at handling everything on my own. I was hoping to never have to move within Japan ever again, as packing and unpacking are my least favourite parts, but this time around it's completely different. I have made the decision to live with roommates, as I have missed having housemates, and I think it will be a positive change and a smoother way to adjust to life in Tokyo. I was lucky to find a gorgeous, traditional Japanese house to share in a lovely neighbourhood (more on that later). In a way it's another great learning experience, and I'm looking forward to share more information on how to well, tackle yet another moving process within Japan.

For now, I'm fully enjoying my last weeks here. I have been having such a great time in Osaka, and this summer has been one of the best I've had in a long time. This weekend, my dear friend Jaclyn, with whom I worked with in Korea, hopped on a plane to come spend a few days in Osaka. We had a fun-filled weekend that included a midnight picnic at Osaka Castle (complete with animal sightings and bike rides), white wine on a hot afternoon, browsing in Umeda, a conbini feast in Shinsaibashi until 4am, and a sightseeing Sunday in Nara, with all sorts of deer. I love Kansai so much, and unexpected visits from close friends, reminiscing, and staying up until sunrise.

{This alpaca will be shipped to Tokyo}

{Yeah. They're not all mine.}

{Baby deer}

{Beware. Deer can eat your Japan Rail Pass}

{Jaclyn and deer}

Gorgeous deer photo credits go to my friend Charlie Reeves.


Anonymous said...

Isn't moving such a pain? But once it's done it feels amazing! And a midnight picnic sounds awesome... I'm going to order a picnic blanket and basket tonight!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Big news! Hope it all goes smoothly, roommate and Tokyo will surely make for lots of fun group activities.

pmak said...

Catching up on "blog reading". Just read the last couple of posts that you are moving to Tokyo. It does seem fitting to complete your stay in Japan by living in Tokyo. It sounds very exciting. Enjoy every minute as well as the freedom to do whatever you want. :-) I wonder if you will be able to bike ride very much Tokyo. Paula

Michi said...

Wow! This is news! Best of luck with your upcoming move, I hope that having roommates helps ease things a bit. Hugs! :)

jaclynmarie said...

That weekend with you in Osaka completely turned my summer around. Can't wait to come see your new place in Tokyo!!