Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bird & Truck

Today I found one of my favourite spots in Osaka, and it's a café/furniture shop. Bird COFFEE is the name of the delightful café, and Truck is the furniture showroom. After some research, I found out that Truck is a world-renowned Japanese furniture brand. The designs are so sleek and aesthetically pleasing, think simple wooden cuts and soft leather. I highly recommend viewing the furniture on the website, it's gorgeous.

The café, located across the street from the showroom, is equally organic and peaceful. All the furnishings come from Truck, from the leather chairs to the large wooden tables, to even the plates they use for food. They grind their own coffee beans, and make scrumptious homemade doughnuts.

I had the most excellent food I've had in such a long time- a Turkish sandwich, with nice thick bread stuffed with avocado and bacon, while my friend feasted on gorgonzola rigatoni. Everything about this café was gorgeous and delicious, from the music to the food to the atmosphere.

This is where I sadly said goodbye to my friend Daniel, who was my neighbour in dear old Marugame, and with whom I shared many nights of home cooked meals (he's an excellent cook) and elaborate cocktails (he's also a creative bartender). He's leaving Japan after five years, and it really makes me sad to see friends go, but I keep such fun memories of those Marugame nights. He showed me the best cafés in Marugame, and also showed me my new favourite café in Osaka, to which I'll be going quite frequently.

Bird COFFEE is located a bit outside of downtown Osaka, at Shimizu station on the Imazatosuji line (orange). It's not very easy to find, but I strongly recommend locating it and viewing the beautiful showroom.


538-0054 大阪市鶴見区緑4-1-16
4-1-16 Midori Tsurumi-ku Osaka
TEL / FAX 06 6958 1616

Photos: Bird COFFEE


Isabel said...

swoooooon! Please take me here!

Kristina said...

looks like a great, pretty little place!! would love to go :)

Judith said...

This places looks great! I've been reading your blog for a bit, and am enjoying your posts about Osaka. I'm moving to Izumi-shi in a few days, so I'll be sure to visit this place when I get a chance to go to Osaka.