Monday, June 27, 2011

Made in Tokyo

I escaped the big, mad city of Osaka for an even bigger and madder city, Tokyo. I had not been to Tokyo in a long time, and as usual it was an unforgettable trip. It was also my first time in Tokyo since the earthquake, and it made me realize how quickly this city got back on its feet. I got to see some friends I had dearly missed, dance the night away in Shibuya, and feel lighthearted all over again.

Fun, fun Tokyo. Aimless wanderings around neon and music-filled Shibuya, dancing in tiny bars. Shopping in Harajuku and the vibrance of Omotesando. Beautiful, sophisticated Daikanyama. A rustic and cozy tatami room and futons in Nakameguro. Delicious Italian caf├ęs. Shibuya drives and highways at 3am. Watching the sun rise. The Smiths and New Order. No sleep. Sparkly gold tops and dresses. Finally seeing beautiful Kanagawa prefecture and the surrounding beaches. Yokohama. A crazy train adventure and missed stops. The most fun, memorable moments I've had in a long time.

I had such a good time that I completely omitted to take any pictures. I really cannot insist more on the importance of taking frequent trips when living abroad, it's always a refreshing change and Tokyo always makes me feel so candid and uninhibited.

{What remains. I'm so serious...}

I miss Tokyo already.


Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING that top. And Tokyo is easily #1 on my travel list. I'm not sure when I'll make it there, but I'm dying to get there!

hoihoi51 said...

there are still many place to go^^

kyoto Gion festival.. there are so many summer festivals in Kansai region

hoihoi51 said...

How about onsen trip?

devoured said...

Toyko is very, very high on my travel to-do list and now you make me want to go even more! Just letting you know I have a new blog too (this is Liz from 'A Girl in Asia', now at 'devoured'!)