Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Korean Food in Osaka

I'm still too full to type properly, but tonight I had the best Korean meal I've had so far in Japan. I used to live in Korea, so Korean food holds a special place in my heart. Osaka has its own Korea Town, called Tsuruhashi (Tsuruhashi subway stop on the Sennichimae line), where all Korean spicy delights can be found in tiny street stalls and tiny restaurants under the train tracks.

Although tonight's meal was consumed outside of Korea Town, but rather in a small diner in West Osaka, it was just as heavenly and authentic as I can remember. My friends and I feasted on Korean staples such as: bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and spicy chili paste), bulgogi (marinated beef sauteed with tons of vegetables), and my favourite, kimchi chijimi (a pancake filled with kimchi).

Korean food is a refreshing change from a daily diet of Japanese cuisine. To be completely honest, eating Japanese food every single day is very easy for me, as I love Japanese food and I think there is a wide range of variety. I had such a difficult time eating Korean food every single day, in fact I really could not eat it every day, and it was a big challenge. I love, love, love Korean food, but the level of spiciness was too harsh on my stomach and taste buds. However, having Korean food occasionally is fantastic, and it just reminds me of how much I miss it.

My Korean days are far away, but meals like tonight always make me so nostalgic, and make me realize how fond I am of my time there.


Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I've never really eaten Korean food before, can you believe that? What should I try first?

Vivian said...

Really?? Bibimbap!!

Anonymous said...

The very few times I've had Korean food, I have to admit it wasn't my favorite. I blame my complete inability to handle spiciness. I did have awesome Korean food in Berlin, though (of all places!). Is bibimbap spicy? I know everyone seems to love it.

Vivian said...

Basic bibimbap is not spicy, it all depends on the amount of gochujang (red chili paste) you add to it!

Christine loves to Travel said...

I love love Korean food but I agree that it's too spicy to eat everyday.

I love grilling meat and wrapping it up with lettuce leaves!

Flor said...

How sweet! Back in elementary school, I had a beat friend from south Korea- so this post reminded me dearly of the wonderful memories I made with that person. Nice to meet you and your beautiful culture.

Xoxo flor
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